JAIME RIFF COHEN  Video Clip: Directed & Edited by Alon Segal & Riff Cohen
Filmed By Alon Segal http://alonsegal.com 
Professional Dancers: Guy Shomroni, Rachel osborne, Artour Astman, Anderson Brae.Special Thanks to Shaffa Bar Jaffa- Tel Aviv - israel Make up and hair: Omai ShetritThe video was Sponsored by: Matar Cohen Music: Executive Producer: Riff The Text was Written by Patricia Cohen The Song Was Composed by Lenny Ben Bassat & Riff Produced & Arranged by Riff Percussion: Roni Iwryn Guitar: Uzi Ramirez & Assa Raviv Bass: Assa Raviv Drums: Haggai Fershtman Oud: Alon Amano Campino Piano: Ophir Kutiel Vocal: Riff Cohen Mixed by SaBBo Masrerd by Itzik Filiba Picture cover: Alon Segal Cover Design by Grotesca StudioThe song was recorded at the Tzolelet Studio, Tel Aviv & at Itai Matos's studio, Tel Aviv