what is it like when you rest inside becoming PRESENT to what is moving you? What is it like when you allow the water to remind you of your on FLUID nature?I have been holding people in my arms in the water for 12 years now, I've seen them, felt them and breathed with them through every feeling possible. at the end of the session I bring a person to land and ground at the wall of the pool, slowly the eyes open and here is what I see. Can you see the raw beauty of your own fluid presence?many thanks to 8 of my clients who were willing to share their session with camera: Nili, Tamir, Lea, Zvika, Noa, Eran, Ika and Shamy.This form of warm water holistic therapy is called FLUID PRESENCE™
Short Film By Alon Segal & Pazya Fuchs Directed Filmed & Cuted By
additional Editing By Pazya.


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